We figured we give you a break from our journey thus far since it was so long; we will get back to it at a later time.

Being a lesbian couple we are missing one of the key ingredients to procreating…. Shocking right? Maybe we like to over-complicate things, but choosing the “perfect” donor was such a hard choice. There are so many sperm banks in the US. Some that will ship directly to your house and some that only ship to a doctor’s office. It is totally up to you and what your goals are coming creating your family.

There are a few keys things to look for when finding a donor. One of the most important is to know your blood type and your RH factor. In Jen’s case she is RH- so we needed to find a donor that was RH- or she would end up having to injections because of the potential danger to her and any baby. For example, the original donor we had chosen was RH + and when Jen had the biochemical pregnancy she had to receive an immunoglobulin injection to avoid her body from attacking any other pregnancy with that donor sperm. Since we did not know her blood type before buying our original sperm we looked for a more compatible donor.

Another important thing to know before choosing a donor is your CMV status. If you are negative make sure to get a negative donor.

Also, look for past pregnancy, this is a good judgment of the quantity and quality of the sperm.

Most importantly have fun with it!


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