How to afford IVF?


Trying to pay for IVF can seem like a daunting process especially if one does not have insurance coverage for fertility. The cost of our IVF cycle is over $15,000 and medications were quoted to cost around $5,000-$6,000. When we initially found out the cost of our IVF journey, we were worried. We were worried that such a high cost would make IVF unattainable. Jen works as a teacher and Tiffany works as a liability adjuster. While we are able to make a living that provides us a home, pays bills and provides us with plenty left over to do things we enjoy, but we aren’t exactly living a life of luxury. Jen just couldn’t take no for an answer, however. She put her researching skills to good use, and tried to find some solutions to make this process more attainable, and to help us create the family we so desperately have wanted for so long.

The first step was finding out how to reduce the cost of medications. When researching, we actually found out that many companies can provide 25%-75% of a discount off of medications. The discount program we used however, was called First Steps, which uses the pharmacy MDR. We were able to get 50% off of the cost of our IVF medications.

Discount programs:

Those two programs can really help reduce the cost of your medications like First Steps did for us.

How to pay for the actual IVF procedure:

  • One option is to use the In-house Cycle plans offered by your clinic. Many clinics offer a refund plan or a multi-cycle plan.
  • Credit cards
  • Get creative and ask for donations on crowdfunding websites like Gofundme
  • Take out a personal loan
    • The following lenders below might be an option for you:
    •  Prosper Healthcare lending
    • Lending Club
    •  If your credit isn’t perfect, and if you have some dings on your credit report, the following lender is an option for you.
      • Avant (This company provided us with a loan to cover the majority of our IVF.
    • Another option to look for loans is to use Credit Karma. Credit Karma provides a list of lenders that you can get pre-approved for based on your credit history. We used Credit Karma to find Avant.

Even though paying for IVF, may seem daunting it can be attainable if you get creative. With no insurance coverage for fertility, we are able to pay for it. We are paying for it by using the First Steps program to get 50% off medications, taking out a personal loan through Avant, saving money in the form of our paychecks and cutting down on luxuries, and by using credit cards.

The motto is to not let the price take away your dream of being a parent. You just have to get creative.



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