Acupuncture: We LOVE It!


We have the most AMAZING acupuncturist ever! Jen was extremely apprehensive with the idea of going to an acupuncturist to be stuck with more needles. But quickly all the worries about it went away. Jen’s first appointment was three weeks ago, when she was nearing the end of the birth control and honestly it was love at first poke.

We got extremely lucky and feel so blessed to have one of the best, most caring, kindhearted and gentle person ever. We cannot thank her enough for the compassion, encouragement, peace and healing that she provides.

Throughout the process it can be and has been extremely stressful. The anxiety of spending thousands of dollars and hoping that it will finally be our turn to be moms. There is nothing in this world that we want more so finding ways to help manage stress and ways to help create a nurturing and warm environment is important.


There have been studies, suggesting that acupuncture helps increase the percentage of the success with IVF. Our fertility clinic has a stance that it can’t hurt to try anything and everything within reason. We found our acupuncturist through Google and she works in the same location as the reiki practitioner that we see.

We are amazed at the results that we see. Jen’s lining has never been this thick and healthy looking and we fully believe that the energy and healing that acupuncture has created in Jen has directly created the GORGEOUS lining. Our acupuncturist is super encouraging and provides that reassurance that everything so far is great. The fact that we have ten follicles that are growing nicely and at a good rate of speed and a good lining is a cause for celebration. It is about taking it one day at a time and knowing that you are doing everything you can to create the best possible outcome.

We want to include some research and studies and links to help provide information.


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