We have started… the big guns!!!


March 4th has come and gone and the birth control worked!!!! Jen started the antagonist protocol with 225 units of Follatism in the morning and at night and 20 units of micro hcg at night as well.



Our first ultrasound was this past Wednesday. At that point, it was day 5 of meds. There were 10 follicles that were approx 8-10 mm in size and uterine lining looking great with the three layers. One of our fears was that the medicine would decrease and ruin Jen’s lining, as it hasn’t always the best in the past. When we were still doing IUI’s, her lining was always an issue and struggled to even get to a 7. After the ultrasound, we were ushered around room to room to complete different tasks for the pre-op requirements. We were exhausted to say the least!



One of the great things about our clinic is that all the doctors and all the nurse coordinators meet at noon and discuss all the current cycle patients and then see if anything needs to change with the current meds or monitoring. We got a call Wednesday afternoon saying that Jen is progressing well and slightly quicker than they anticipated and that we were to start the Ganirelix on Thursday.

– Warning about the Ganirelix, the needle that is on the premade syringe is terrible. It is not strong and very dull which makes it super hard to get it in!

Over the next two days of injections, Jen’s stomach became bloated and she has felt a ton of twinges. Today was the second monitoring appointment and it went great as well. They measured about ten follicles again (which is awesome for her AMH level, at least that is what we are told,) they were between 11-14 mm and her lining was at 7.67! We are shocked that her lining is so great! We have never seen it that high!

Our next appointment is Sunday. Trigger should be either Monday or Tuesday and then the egg retrieval at 35 hours past that time. Fingers crossed everything keeps going well.


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