Egg Retrieval- Step Complete!


The day has come! Today was our egg retrieval and Jen handled it like a champ! In and out in about two hours. We tried to leave the house about an hour and a half before we needed to be there, and we are really glad we did. The normal 20 minute drive turned into a about an hour and ten minutes. Traffic was at a stand still on the highway and Jen started to panic at the hour point. Eventually, we were able to get off and take side streets and made it right at the original time we were supposed to be there.

We arrived and were ushered to the fancy side of the clinic, the side that includes the lab and all the surgery suites and recovery rooms. Jen got changed into her gown and was somewhat quickly ushered away and Tiffany was sent to go wait in the waiting room. Jen was a party pooper so no pictures of her actually ready to go with the goofy hat and booties on but we did snap a quick picture of the view.IMG_9954



About 30 minutes later our IVF coordinator, who is a sweetheart, went out and talked to Tiffany and checked on Jen in the surgical room to see how much longer it was going to be. About 15 minutes later Jen was all done and in the recovery room, high as a freaking kite. Tiffany was allowed back in the recovery room after speaking with our doctor and finding out the number of eggs that they were able to get. Tiffany went back and saw Jen and told her that we had gotten 11 eggs and Jen got so happy and was laughing so much! It took about 15 minutes for the medicine to decrease and Jen was back to normal. She literally laughed for about 15 minutes straight it was quite hilarious! We were ready to go. Jen had no residual affects of the medicines and was just a little sore and we were on our merry way!IMG_9955

We are so excited about the having 11 eggs! With Jen having a low AMH we were hoping to just make it to retrieval, which our clinic requires, 4 follicles. Jen did fantastic with the medicine protocol and our doctor is happy with the results thus far. Jen’s lining is still amazing and we are still on track for a fresh transfer. Day 5 transfer will be this upcoming Tuesday! Tomorrow we will find out how many fertilized and then another update Sunday.


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