Asking For Help: Let’s Have Fun!


Our hearts and guts are telling us that we are going to adopt soon. We are currently pending a situation that is in Arizona and our hearts are telling us this is it. We are pretty positive about the situation and are just waiting to hear.  We are in need about approximately $5,000 in the next month to cover attorney expenses and travel expenses.

We are currently doing a puzzle piece fundraiser! If you donate $10 it will purchase a puzzle piece. Larger donations will purchase multiple pieces. We will write your name on the back. The finished puzzle will be framed in our future child’s room, and you will always be apart of their adoption story and how they became a part of our family. Your donation would mean the world!

We ask you to consider giving up two Starbucks drinks in the next two weeks and donate that to us. Or one meal out to eat.

We are asking for the fundraiser in lieu of baby shower’s or gifts.

Please help us adopt and fill their room with all the love you guys have!



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