We want to take the time to introduce ourselves.   We are a fun loving, family of four currently and by four we mean our two current fur children, can’t even call them fur babies anymore, they are so grown up. Tucker Jose and Freya Jane are the best two doggies that anyone could ask for.

We moved across the country to the Pacific Northwest about a year ago and it has been absolutely amazing. We love all the beautiful nature that is around us and it truly makes us at peace.

We are the typical married couple, we live, laugh, cry, go through hard times and we persevere through all that life throws at us. Life can be messy, but we love through it all.   Jen is a special education educator, working with middle school students (insert: are you crazy?) Tiffany works in the insurance industry (insert: yawn.) We enjoy life to the fullest and are so excited for what the future holds.

We invite you to follow our journey on growing our family and the struggles we have faced and will face as we start our family. One of the most unique things about LGBT families is that we truly want and desire our families and we go after it will all our might.




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