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Honest review of Adopt-now facilitator


We would not recommend adopt-now and advise you not to pursue adoption through Nancy. She runs an unethical and unprofessional business. 
My wife and I are a same sex couple and worked with Nancy for almost a year. Our journey started June 2016. We had zero criteria when it came to adopting, as we were open to every race, both genders, every drug and alcohol exposure, special needs, and when we had our initial consultation, Nancy said it would happen within weeks. 
We had three failed matches and all were scams, where it was pretty obvious but Nancy continued to push us to spend thousands of dollars within weeks for each of these birth moms. Nancy also was fixated on the fact that we weren’t wealthy, and made it seem like we didn’t have the money for attorney situations when we do. She reserves attorney situations for people that call in that arent waiting because she is able to collect an additional $17,000 fee. 
In December 2016, we commented on one of Nancy’s Facebook post indicating it takes no time to adopt citing a situation (attorney) that was only one day. Our comment was “Wow! We’ve been waiting 6 months. Hope we get lucky soon too! 😀” within hours we were contacted by Nancy yelling at us and telling us that it makes her business look bad and that it’s inappropriate to say those things. She then proceeded to tell us about our last match. 
On our last match with Nancy, this is what made us give up on her. It was around Christmas and we were matched with a young birth mom. It was obvious she was going to parent. Nancy demanded we give her money right away. We broke the match and Nancy kept trying to rematch three times so that the birth mom could continue to get thousands of dollars. For example, a couple thousand in one week. When we told Nancy we were uncomfortable, we were yelled at and she cursed in reference to the birth mothers mom. She is not professional. Also, the social worker that worked on this match even indicated there were too many red flag to move forward and said not to send the birth mom anymore money as we were her fourth match within a month and a half yet Nancy pushed to continue to send money.
Nancy blatantly told us in October that her business was not doing well because she is running into more scams. However, her model of adoptions does not filter out or eliminate the motivator of scamming. She sets the expectations with the birth moms that these families will pay for everything and they run the bills up. The lowest amount we encountered was $3,000 a month and they would except that in cash. We understand the need for some birth mom expenses; however, it should not be in cash! There is also a legal aspect of birth mom expenses and that each state is different; however, our state only allows for medical expenses and Nancy said that’s not true and yelled at us on the phone saying that we were ruining the match. We specifically had the laws for our state pulled up while telling her this information. 
We looked elsewhere. Due to our open criteria we adopted a perfectly healthy baby boy in less than two months. Please save your money and run away. 
You do not want to be out $17,000 and suffer from a lot of emotional anguish. 


Making the Money Stretch:Food on a budget


When we embarked on fertility treatment and adoption we knew that we would have to save and live frugally and make sure that we were sticking to a budget and being careful what we spent money on.

We have tried multiple stores for grocery shopping and have found that Trader Joe’s has the best prices around. We tried Fred Meyer, Walmart, Target, QFC and Safeway and we would always end up spending about $120 or more a week.

We always thought that Trader Joe’s was too expensive for us, but we thought we would give it a one week try and have been hooked ever since.  In a typical week, we spend between $40-60 a week.

This week we spent $53 for breakfast, lunch, and dinners.  One of our favorites from Trader Joe’s is their chicken sausages. They have nothing bad in them and are so delicious.

When every penny counts we look at all the ways to save and Trader Joe’s has helped greatly with that.

PS. We are still fundraising with the puzzle fundraiser. We are pending a situation in Arizona and we will not know until the baby is born. It will be considered a stork drop. We are extremely confident in our chances and would appreciate any and all help! We are about $3,000 short on all the fees. If you could donate and then share we would so appreciate it.